To complement our platform the
ULTRA Brewing Collective we needed to build a home. A place where we could explore new ideas and product at the intersection of brewing & active lifestyle. 


We needed to create a function–informed, multi–discipline space for experimentation and creation. We needed a location that spoke true to what we were exploring. So where better to build this than a place where brewing and active lifestyle thrives,
Fort Collins, Colorado. 


The primary functions of the space would be

brewing, presentations, brainstorming, workshopping, and product sampling.

To deliver this we focused on adaptability. We curated modular furniture that could be re-arranged to accommodate multiple situations. Our white boards double as magnet walls and can display projections during presentations.  To support the ideation process we evolved our tables to be dry-erase tops so you could mark down ideas at any moment.


Knowing there could be a variety of activities within the space it would be crucial that our shelving be flexible. So we added a customizable peg board wall to house product and inspiration but could also be modified when needed. 


To balance our clean foundation we needed to bring some warmth and rawness to the space. We took inspiration from the natural environment of Colorado and introduced touches of wood throughout the room.


We didn’t want the space to feel too buttoned up, so we chose to use a live-edge wood for our

bar top and table tops.


We kept the original concrete flooring and patched some of the existing cracks then polished it. The goal was to embrace the flooring and communicate to the experiencer that it was ok to spill something while getting their hands dirty brewing new recipes.


To elevate our space

we needed it to inspire.

The aim was to not only incorporate brand elements but really bring the brand to life. How can we use the visual real estate to speak to the engager and assist them through brewing, ideation, and

ultimately creation. 



We began by noticing some commonalities and relationships. We found that the brand and the flag of Colorado shared similar color palettes. It was a perfect moment to activate the brand while celebrating the location of our space. 

This became a focal piece that provided an instagrammable moment for both locals and visitors.


The ULTRA ribbon became a guiding element. We used this to invite people into the space creating a path through the entrance to our brewing area.

Utilizing it to story-tell our brewing process. Inspired by marathon course routes, the ribbon weaves throughout each stage. This helps the viewer experience the process with an easy to follow visual journey of how Ultra is made. 


An overall theme we developed for the program was

Ideate / Create / Elevate.

To serve as a constant reminder we created a large mixed media sign. We used steel to tie it back to our brew tanks and had the text back-lit by light, then added hand–painted embellishments of our red and blue brand colors.